The big idea of the YMCA is to help people reach their potential.

But an idea is just that.

What really matters is that we are making a measurable difference. And we're happy to report on our progress...


87% of YMCA Child Care parents say the Y has supported the readiness of their child for kindergarten.

Comparatively, 32% of children in the Lower Mainland are developmentally vulnerable when they start kindergarten.








People connected to the Y for 5+ years measure higher on all measures of connection and engagement.

By comparison, people outside the Y who are lonely or experience difficulty making new friends are much less trusting of others, feel less cohesion with their neighbours and are much less likely to feel a sense of connection to the broader community.





74.7% of YMCA members 65+ describe their health as excellent or very good compared to 41.5% of other seniors in the community.

Compared to Toronto and Montreal, fewer seniors in the Lower Mainland have good or full functional health.



It took our YMCA 130 years to serve 120,000 people. We'll double that number over the next seven years.

This is the most pivotal time in our history thus far, yet our purpose remains the same today as day one. The Y is there to help people focus on what really matters: family, community, health and happiness.