At the Y, we think it's time to get back to the things that matter

The YMCA cares about the same things you care about: raising healthy and resilient kids, ensuring youth feel confident and supported, and helping people feel healthy and connected to others in the community.  

As the Lower Mainland's largest operational charity, the Y provides vital community services that are having a positive impact on some of the community's most pressing social issues. Central to our success are:

  • The people who unite behind our mission to help people reach their potential
  • The safe and welcoming places we provide—from health and fitness facilities to child care centres to camps—that foster a sense of community; and
  • The comprehensive community programs that provide the skills, opportunities and confidence people need to achieve their potential.

These people, places and programs come together to create a sense of belonging and a supportive network that has proven time and again to help people achieve their personal goals. For some, the impact can be truly transformational and can have an enormous ripple effect on those around them.

How is the YMCA helping people get back to the things that matter?
We are carving out areas where we can have influence. We're reshaping our programs, collaborating with partners, developing world class facilities and building a platform to be advocates to support change—from programs to policy. This work is measured against the three reasons we do this work and our intended impact on our communities: helping children and families thrive; promoting healthy living; and fostering belonging and connection