Critical issues affecting our communities:

Research has consistently demonstrated the importance of early years for lifelong health and wellbeing. Almost 30% of BC children entering kindergarten are "developmentally vulnerable". These kids face physical, mental and social-emotional health challenges which are associated with poor health, academic failure, delinquent behaviour and future unemployment. 

One in five children in BC lives in poverty and does not have adequate emotional support, stimulation or nutritious food. 

The challenges facing today's teenagers impact their overall health, confidence and ability to thrive: inactivity, at-risk behaviours, mental illness, bullying, language and cultural barriers, substance abuse, crime and gender identity. 

Canadian parents raising kids today are squeezed for time, money and child care services. 

Parents of all ages, income levels and backgrounds say they need help. The biggest challenge parents face is competing priorities, which limit the time available to spend with their children. 

Our Commitment:

We believe the early years are critical for building lifelong health. That's why we provide play-based programming that nurtures children's social-emotional, cognitive and physical development. 

We believe that if given the chance, young people can change our world. That's why we offer opportunities for young people to build character, leadership skills and social connections. 

We believe that parents and caregivers need support to raise healthy, resilient kids. That's why we provide supportive programs that enable parents to be productive, healthy and engaged in their family and community life.