From galas and golf tournaments to garage sales and bake sales, fundraising events come in all shapes and sizes. Get your friends, co-workers or family members together to create your own unique fundraising event.

YMCA Community Supporters believe in the YMCA’s cause and want to support the YMCA through hosting a fundraising event and donating the proceeds to the YMCA of Greater Vancouver. Third party events are planned and executed independently of the YMCA. 

Funds raised to support the YMCA will go towards the YMCA Annual Campaign to help kids, youth, adults and seniors get access to proven YMCA community programs. As a charity, we rely on donations to carry out such work and YMCA Community Supporters are an important part of our impact on the health of people in the Lower Mainland. 

Are you ready to organize and host your own fundraising event for the YMCA of Greater Vancouver? With your creativity, careful planning and the desire to help kids reach their full potential, you can do it!