What's in a name?

To better reflect the growth of the Endowment Fund we're proud to announce that the Endowment Fund of the YMCA of Greater Vancouver is now officially name the YMCA of Greater Vancouver Foundation. Our new name reflects our expanding work in supporting the YMCA during this period of unprecedented growth, and reflects our commitment to continuing to support the YMCA. 

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Yes. Our mandate continues to be to support the YMCA in building strong kids, strong families and strong communities today and tomorrow. We are dedicated to helping children and families thrive, promoting healthy living, fostering belonging and connecton and helping all people reach their potential. The Foundation will continue to steward our investments, and to focus on growth too.

No. The CRA number has not changed, only the name. Therefore no updates are required. Please check that you have the correct CRA number listed: 8039 76741 RR0001.

Yes. The Endowment Fund of the Young Men's Christian Association is the old entity. Your estate planning should list either the Endowment Fund of the YMCA of Greater Vancouver or the YMCA of Greater Vancouver Foundation. Your wills and estate planner can advise you on the easiest way to update your will without having to incur significant costs.

No. The funds will continue to be managed by the Foundation, and no further action is required. You will continue to receive fund reports on a yearly basis, and will be issued a tax receipt for any donations you make to the fund. If you would like to start a named fund, please contact us.

We have a new CRA number: 8039 76471 RR0001. Please contact us if you would like assistance with any specific wording.