Aikido teaches values like sincerity, honesty, trust, compassion, loyaltyand friendship through games and circuits designed to diffuseaggression and promote cooperation between children. Please note that this is a registered Martial Arts program. For more information or to register please contact the memership services team at the Tong Louie YMCA.


Introduce yourself to this aesthetically spectacular Afro-Brazilian martial art-style dance. First practiced by slaves, this liberation fight-dance has evolved into a fascinating mix of movements. This martial art based group fitness class combines elements of dance, cardio and strength training.


There is so much more to Karate than wax-on, wax-off! Karate improves strength, coordination and agility for both children and adults. Shotokan Karate uses self defence to foster the spiritual qualities of courage, courtesy, integrity and humility. This program includes one structured karate lesson per week led by a professional instructor. Please note this is a registered Martial Arts program....

Tae Kwon Do

Learn the basic techniques of Tae Kwon Do in a safe and fun atmosphere. Students will learn Olympic Tae Kwon Do and receive a world-recognized certificate upon reaching their black belt level. The program teaches basic self-defence techniques and increases stamina, strength, focus and confidence. This all-levels program is designed for youth and adults. Please note that this is a registered...