Welcome to Your Virtual YMCA!

Here at the Y, we want to help you stay healthy, happy and connected. That's why we launched the Virtual YMCA portal which gives you the tools to help you thrive, no matter where you are! More features will be added so check back often. Check out our free resources below.  
  • Introducing YThrive Home

    Stay healthy and active with fun home workout videos for every level.

  • Staying connected without contact
    How to Stay Connected Without Contact
    When we can't physically be present with our communities, there are other ways to stay connected. See how!
  • What to eat before and after a workout
    What to Eat Before and After a Workout
    Confused about what to eat before and after a workout? A YMCA personal trainer shares his advice.
  • A Guide to Exercise and Fall Prevention for Seniors
    To prevent or reduce your risk of falling, staying physically active is non-negotiable. See why exercise is so important and get exercise tips and advice in this guide.
  • Talking to your kids about their emotions
    Talking to Your Kids about Their Emotions
    Knowing what to do with the emotions we feel in daily life can be tough. It can be a challenge for all of us, especially for kids. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you raise emotionally healthy kids.
  • Let's End Mental Health and Mental Illness Stigma
    Mental illness indirectly affects all Canadians at some time through a family member, friend or colleague. That's why we need to work towards ending the stigma associate with mental health and mental illness.